Finding your voice and leadership skills – Denice Scala

There can be times when it’s not easy to speak up and voice your opinion. Sometimes a lack of confidence can hold you back, or a lack of support from others to give you a space to speak your mind. Women can be unfairly disadvantaged by this at university, the workplace and society in general so it is important to understand some of the issues that surround this topic. This module will help you find your voice and get others to listen to you.

Being a leader can be taught! This module also discusses what leadership is, what the key attributes of a leader are and how you can become a leader.

Speaker: Denice Scala


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Top tips

  • Be You
  • Don’t be afraid to lead, you’ll never please everyone
  • Plant seeds of encouragement, you never know when what you say will make a difference
  • Leave a door open, give everyone another chance

Useful resources

This list could go on for pages so let’s start with three leadership books that will really help you to think about you and how you lead

  • Daring Greatly- how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. By Brene Brown
  • How Remarkable Women Lead- the breakthrough model for work and life by Joanna Brash and Susie Cranston
  • Multipliers- how the best leaders make everyone smarter by Liz Wiseman

Kylie Strawbridge