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Education can deliver amazing outcomes.

We believe every girl and women deserves to be able to advance their career prospects through tertiary education. Education and knowledge are the keys to change. Educate a woman, change a community, lift up a country, and the world smiles from the heart. We strive to give all girls and women the possibility of a bigger future and drive change for their life, family and community.

Our passion fuels these


Tertiary Education Kakenya’s Dream

Funds raised to send 70 Maasai girls to tertiary education

International Education Scholars Sydney

Three international students Sydney

Kenya Endowment Program

Setting up for a successful future in Kenya

Standing On Our Shoulders

Standing On Our Shoulders is a philanthropic program


Together we can change lives through education, – both in the sponsored countries and in our own lives as we all learn through Standing on each Other’s Shoulders. It’s a win-win situation.

Join Standing on Our Shoulders and help us change lives. Events, networking, expeditions, to empower girls and women through education.

You can join Us

Our EVENTS in 2020

Working to Change the lives of Girls and Women around the world.


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Lisa McIntyre

Committee Member
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Liz Courtney

Committee Member
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Eleanor Hall

Committee Member
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