Help us educate Kenyan girls by donating your old mobile devices.

We're calling on you

You can help the planet and educate Kenyan girls simply by donating your mobile phones or tablets.

With your help, we can recycle and re-purpose devices donated by individuals, schools, universities and businesses, raising funds to provide vital education for Kenyan girls.

  • We accept all mobile phones, tablets and associated accessories in any condition.
  • We offer free courier pick up for collections of 20 or more phones Australia-wide.Every device helps support the work of Women For Change in partnership with Kakenya’s Dream, and will change lives.

Make a big difference

For the planet...

If all of the estimated 5 million broken phones in Australia were recycled, we’d save 9,850 tonnes of mineral resources needing to be extracted from the ground. We’d also save 1,930 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planning 50,000 trees.

Globe of planet earth
Kenyan girls with supplies provided by Women for Change

Make a big difference

For Kenyan girls…

Here is  how device collections can help educate Kenyan girls:

  • 10 devices = internet access for a year for a student 
  • 20 devices = one month of tertiary education
  • 30 devices = annual medical checks
  • 50 devices = one month of living costs for a student

Get your workplace, community group, school or university involved today!

These 3 students, as the best and brightest in Kenya, were lucky enough to be chosen to study in Sydney. They will return to Kenya with practical skills ang global knowledge in order to give back to their local communities.

Setup a collection point

Download some collateral here to help you set up a collection point

Safety guaranteed

We take your data security on devices seriously.  All data on devices that are reused will be data wiped by our reuse partner Phonecycle.  Any device that is unable to be reused along with accessories will be recycled through MobileMuster, where any data left on devices is destroyed through the recycling process.  Also visit MobileMuster for data tips on managing your data before donating your device.

MobileMuster is the product stewardship program of the mobile phone industry and accredited by the federal government. It is voluntarily funded by all major handset manufacturers and network carriers to provide a free mobile phone recycling program in Australia to the highest environmental standard. The program is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on why it is important to not only recycle but reuse and repair where possible.

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