Where it all began

The LBW Trust became involved in Dr Kakenya Ntaiya’s dream through a chance connection via the ABC. Dr Ntaiya was visiting Australia for an education conference and Eleanor Hall was interviewing her for the World Today on ABC Radio.

The Chairman, David Vaux, was listening and was greatly moved by what he heard. It was the same day that he was preparing to address the charity’s annual gala dinner and he changed his speech on the strength of Dr Ntaiya’s story. Listen to the interview that moved David Vaux.

David Vaux’s address at that LBW charity event sparked the formation of a group of women determined to help Dr Ntaiya’s students achieve their goals. In just one year, Women for Change had galvanised an extraordinary response from the Australian community, including several universities, to help these girls achieve their dreams in tertiary education. We were delighted to receive the support of the Kenyan Embassy and the Australian Prime Minister.

In 2016, David Vaux spoke about Dr Ntaiya at the LBW trust gala dinner. In 2017 and 2018, Dr Ntaiya was the keynote speaker. You can watch the keynote address that Dr Ntaiya gave at this event (below).

She also addressed the National Press Club, the ABC and was subsequently the subject of a front-page Good Weekend story.

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